Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Visor beanie - twisted stitch knit pattern

Visor beanie pattern

The visor beanie e-pattern is an intermediate knit pattern that features twisted or cross stitching on the crown and short row methods for shaping the visor.

Textured diamonds and arrows add a stylish complexity to this baggy cap that will be a favorite with active men and women. Insulating wool keeps you comfortable in all types of weather. Sun visors protect your eyes from the glare of sun and snow.

Comprehensive instructions include a worksheet, stitch definitions and stitch chart. If you are ready for a challenging project you will enjoy making this hat. The crown is knitted in the round and the visor is added by picking up stitches along the edge of the beanie. Short rows on the visor produce comfortable rounded edges that follow the natural curve of the head.

The visor beanie e-pattern is available from Bandana Heads.

You will need 100 grams of DK, 8 ply or worsted weight wool.

Visor beanie, twisted stitch knit pattern

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Crochet beanie and bandana e-pattern - open check stitch

This crochet e-pattern features two designs in open-check crochet stitch: a summer beanie and a bandana. Both crochet designs are worked in fingering/4 ply cotton yarn for maximum comfort.

The cotton beanie is suitable for men and women. For a more feminine touch, add a ribbon yarn edge or your own favorite flower embellishment.

Crochet beanie e-pattern with ribbon trim

The easy crochet bandana e-pattern uses the same open-check stitch. Colorful triangle headscarves are perfect hair accessories for the summer holidays. You will want to make lots of these for yourself, your friends and family.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Free crochet headband pattern for that holiday feeling

With financial meltdowns and tight budgets holidays may be on hold for sometime. Get that holiday feeling with a skinny headband with latitude. Paint your own landscape with luscious fibers from around the world. Use your left-over ribbon yarns to accent your headband. Make original headbands for all your girlfriends and sisters. Download the free e-pattern below.

Skinny headband crochet pattern with ribbon yarn accents

Crochet headband pattern, Heron Island, QLD


Headband pattern, Athens, GA, Red Clay

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Crochet hats, multi-colored bucket shape with brim

crochet hat with brim, pattern
crochet hat with brim, ikat stripes

These multi-colored bucket-style hats feature a rounder crown and a more expansive brim for greater sun protection. They are ideal crochet hats for active world travelers.

The crochet stitching in this e-pattern is easy. The challenge is in the striping effects. Two variations allow you to work at your own level of experience and expertise.

Choose from simple random striping incorporating a variegated yarn with two solid color yarns or a more complex zigzag striping inspired by fibre art created with Ikat textile weaving.

Ikat textile patterning is an ancient South-east Asian weaving technique - yarns are dyed selectively so that a pattern appears as it is woven into cloth.

The crochet e-pattern includes comprehensive instructions in a worksheet format supported by a summary table for quick reference, motif charts and tips for changing colors without getting in a tangle.

Soft, breathable, lightweight cotton yarn is available all over the world. The yarns used in these hats are from Norway, Italy and Brazil. You will need 3 x 50g skeins of fingering (fine weight) or 4 ply cotton to complete one hat.

E-patterns are available from Bandana Heads - specializing in hats and headbands for travelers.

crochet hat pattern, brim

Monday, November 24, 2008

Crochet cap with bill, "Johnny Reb"

Johnny Reb is a unisex fitted cap-style hat with a shady bill inspired by the caps worn by the legendary Confederate soldiers who fought in the American civil war. Purchase the e-pattern from Bandana Heads

Crochet cap with brim, Johnny Reb style

The crochet cap is worked in the round for a seamless, smooth finish.

Double crochet post stitches worked around stitches of the previous round create an interesting knit-like texture and make the finished fabric more flexible and comfortable than regular crochet stitches.

The comprehensive worksheet format of this crochet e-pattern features a check your work column to help you identify any mistakes as soon as they happen.

Instructions for the bill are supported by a stitch chart for quick reference.

Definitions are provided for all crochet terms and procedures used in the e-pattern.

Put your stash to good work this holiday season. You will need 3 x 50g of DK or 8 ply woolen yarn to make one Johnny Reb cap for yourself or a friend.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Gansey knit beanie, slouchy-style

Beanie in Gansey textured pattern
A slouchy-style beanie featuring Gansey textured diamonds is the perfect gift for women travelers. Oversized beanies care for your hair - they give complete protective cover without flattening your hairstyle.

The very easy beanie e-pattern is knitted in the round on circular needles throughout for a seamless, professional looking finish - double-point needles are not required for the ribbed top.

Whether you have no hair or a lot of hair the slouchy style beanie in sport-weight yarn is very flattering. Single-color Gansey patterns create a "damask" appearance to the knitted fabric. When knitted with a sport-weight yarn this knit fabric has a soft, elegant drape.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It is the pink month. The month we take time to focus on our mothers, sisters, daughters and girlfriends. Knit a pretty beanie for your sister this month to show you care. Knit it in her favorite color. My sister Maureen has lots of favorite colors - one of them is electric blue.

Knit a beanie for your sister

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Aran-style beanie, knit pattern

aran beanie pattern, surf-style
Men and women look good in Aran-style beanies. Aran stitches add interesting texture and comfort to headwear. The e-pattern features diamond shapes and double cables that taper conveniently in the decreasing section of the crown. The beanie is knitted in the round on circular needles for a seamless, professional looking finish.

This comprehensive knit e-pattern comes in a worksheet format with supporting tables and charts to help you create your hat in record time. The worksheet encourages you to use the stitch charts but the complete instructions are included if you prefer to follow a script.

beanie pattern with aran-style textured stitches
Wool surf-style beanies are designed for active lifestyles. Every traveler needs to pack a wool beanie. Insulating wool beanies let you travel light. No need for extra layers of clothes to keep you warm when the weather changes. Buy the e-pattern and get your knit-savvy friend to make you one.

Beanie pattern, aran textured stitches
Aran-style knit beanie e-pattern available at Bandana Heads