Friday, December 28, 2007

Crochet headband, free pattern

free crochet pattern, skinny headbandCrochet headbands are comfortable hair accessories for travelers. Choose your favorite colors and do-it-yourself with this free skinny headband pattern. Make some skinny headbands for yourself and your friends today.The e-pattern features easy-to-follow crochet instructions with a graphic chart for quick reference. You will need a 3.00 mm or 3.5 mm crochet hook and a small amount of 4 ply cotton yarn or equivalent.

Get your free pattern for this skinny headband at Ravelry.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Crochet hat, open stitch for women

Crochet hat, summer-style
Crochet hat e-pattern features an open stitch for ventilation in the summertime. Urban-style crochet beanies keep your hair in order when traveling. You will need sport-weight yarn and a 4 mm (size F) crochet hook. It's always fun to shop for yarn when you travel to the cities of the world. Urban destinations in Australia, New Zealand, Italy, UK and USA offer a variety of sportweight cotton yarns suitable for all-season hats.

Crochet hats are great travel gifts. Make some for yourself and your traveling companions. Crochet instructions are in easy-to-read worksheet format with a check column to identify mistakes before moving on.

The downloadable e-pattern will be available soon at Bandana Heads on Etsy

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

How to knit a slouchy beanie hat

Slouchy beanie, bamboo
E-pattern available at Bandana Heads on Etsy
Knit a slouchy-style beanie for the traveler or musician in your life. Slouchy beanies are oversized beanies that drape a little at the back. Every traveler needs head protection from the elements.

Slouchy-style beanie, wool
Slouchy beanies with textured stripes stand out in a crowded festival.

Slouchy beanie, bamboo yarn
Whether you have long hair or no hair, a slouchy-style beanie will flatter. If you want a more exaggerated slouch to your beanie, knit it in bamboo or cotton yarn - bamboo and cotton drape more than wool. The bamboo yarn used for this e-pattern is Bamboozle (70% bamboo, 30% cotton) and is available in Lincraft stores across Australia.

This easy knit beanie pattern is worked on circular needles so there is no bulky seam to sew up at the end. Buy the downloadable e-pattern at Bandana Heads on Etsy and start making your travel beanie today.

Slouchy beanie, knit pattern
Wool stretches and bounces back to shape. People in colder climates may enjoy the less exaggerated slouch of the wool version of this beanie pattern - wool hugs the head more and insulates in cold and wet weather.

Friday, November 30, 2007

How to crochet a bucket-style hat

Crochet a cotton bucket hat for the traveler in your life. Every traveler needs head protection from the elements. Sensitive eyes need protection from the glare of sun and bright lights. Hairless heads need protection from sunburn and drafts. This unisex stylish travel hat is very portable...roll it up and stow it when not in use.

Easy-to-read instructions in a worksheet format tell you how to crochet a bucket-style hat in cool, comfortable, lightweight cotton.

Cotton is natural. Cotton breathes and is a good conductor of heat. Cotton doesn't irritate sensitive skin. The softness of cotton makes it comfortable 24/7. Braided, buzzed or bald heads will enjoy the comfort of cotton.

You will need fingering weight or 4 ply cotton yarn, a 3 mm (size D) and a 3.5 mm (size E) crochet hook. It's always fun to shop for yarn when you are traveling. Australia, Brazil, France, Norway, UK and USA have a variety of lightweight cotton yarns suitable for crochet bucket-style hats.

Yarn suggestions: Mayflower Cotton 8 by Scheepjeswol, Mandarin Petit by Norwegian Spirit, Sesia Baby by Sesia, Regal 4 ply cotton by Panda, any equivalent cotton yarn.


Dig into your stash of textured ribbon yarns and crochet a contrasting hatband for a soft, romantic look.

The downloadable e-pattern will be available soon at  Bandana Heads on Etsy

How to crochet a bandana

The crocheted bandana is a lacy triangle scarf or kerchief designed to care for your hair when life is lived out of a suitcase. Cotton crochet bandanas are attractive head scarves that brighten your mood and your travel wardrobe. Crochet it yourself or get a crochet-savvy friend to make it for you. Purchase the crochet bandana e-pattern from Bandana Heads on Etsy and receive a free pattern for a long lacy hair scarf.

Bandana, crochet

It's always fun to shop for yarn when you are traveling. Australia, Brazil, France, Norway, UK and USA have a variety of lightweight cotton yarns suitable for hair accessories. Pack a 3.5 mm (size E) or a 4.00 mm (size F) crochet hook and you will be ready to take advantage of the luscious yarns you stumble upon on your journey.

Yarn shopping at BHV department store, Paris

In the heart of historic Paris I discovered Phil Crochet cotton (from the Phildar Yarn Co) at the Bazar de l'Hôtel de Ville (BHV)52/64, rue de Rivoli - 75004 Paris. The chambray crochet bandana modelled here features Phil Crochet Denim 0013.

Bonus hair-scarf e-pattern - Included with the bandana pattern is a long, lacy hair scarf pattern. Make it as long as you like. Light fingering-weight cotton yarn produces a fabric with stylish drape.

Long lacy hair scarf

Thursday, November 29, 2007

How to knit a beanie, surf-style

Surf-style knit beanie, woven stitch

Woven knit surf beanies are designed to beat the chill factor on windswept beaches around the world. When life is a beach you don't need much more than a woven knit beanie to keep you comfortable when the chilly winds blow. Whether you are on Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina or Bell's Beach, Australia you'll be glad you packed your wool beanie. Knit-it-yourself or get a knit-savvy friend to make it for you. E-pattern available at Bandana Heads on Etsy.

If you cannot knit yourself

If you like this hat but cannot knit yourself, then visit a yarn store in your town or city and ask if anyone knows of someone who would be able to knit it for you. Chris from Washington DC did exactly that. He chose a similar color scheme and had it make in Norwegian Alpaca yarn. Here's a picture of him wearing it on Bore Beach outside Stavanger, Norway.