Friday, November 30, 2007

Crochet Headband and Bandana Pattern

headband for men, crochet pattern
E-pattern available at Bandana Heads.

The crochet pattern includes 2 hair accessory designs:
1. Wide Headband
2. Bandana or triangle headscarf

Both designs feature the same textured crochet stitch pattern.

Crochet instructions are in a worksheet format with a check column to help identify any mistakes before moving on. Crochet terms are defined and a comprehensive stitch guide provides a quick reference.

Learn how to crochet your own headbands and bandanas. Use cotton for the summer months and wool or a hemp blend for the colder months.

Make some for your friends. Headbands and bandanas are practical hair accessories for men and women.

Whether you sweep your hair back in a ponytail or let it hang loose on your shoulders, a wide cotton crochet headband will accent your 'do'.

Guys with long hair need comfortable headbands to hold back their hair when working or traveling. Combine cool cotton yarn with a unisex crochet stitch for a man-friendly crochet headband. Tapered ends and 12 inch ties provide custom fit.

Buy the crochet e-pattern today and ask your crochet-savvy friend to make these practical hair accessories.
headband, unisex crochet fabric


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