Thursday, November 29, 2007

How to knit a beanie, surf-style

Surf-style knit beanie, woven stitch

Woven knit surf beanies are designed to beat the chill factor on windswept beaches around the world. When life is a beach you don't need much more than a woven knit beanie to keep you comfortable when the chilly winds blow. Whether you are on Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina or Bell's Beach, Australia you'll be glad you packed your wool beanie. Knit-it-yourself or get a knit-savvy friend to make it for you. E-pattern available at Bandana Heads on Etsy.

If you cannot knit yourself

If you like this hat but cannot knit yourself, then visit a yarn store in your town or city and ask if anyone knows of someone who would be able to knit it for you. Chris from Washington DC did exactly that. He chose a similar color scheme and had it make in Norwegian Alpaca yarn. Here's a picture of him wearing it on Bore Beach outside Stavanger, Norway.

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razzell2 said...

I want a crochet beenie just like this one, but only one, or blue.

This looks just the right size... tightly crocheted, down to the eye-brow line, and a tight fit around the head.

But only one color, preferably black.

How do I go about ordering one like that, please?