Wednesday, December 12, 2007

How to knit a slouchy beanie hat

Slouchy beanie, bamboo
E-pattern available at Bandana Heads on Etsy
Knit a slouchy-style beanie for the traveler or musician in your life. Slouchy beanies are oversized beanies that drape a little at the back. Every traveler needs head protection from the elements.

Slouchy-style beanie, wool
Slouchy beanies with textured stripes stand out in a crowded festival.

Slouchy beanie, bamboo yarn
Whether you have long hair or no hair, a slouchy-style beanie will flatter. If you want a more exaggerated slouch to your beanie, knit it in bamboo or cotton yarn - bamboo and cotton drape more than wool. The bamboo yarn used for this e-pattern is Bamboozle (70% bamboo, 30% cotton) and is available in Lincraft stores across Australia.

This easy knit beanie pattern is worked on circular needles so there is no bulky seam to sew up at the end. Buy the downloadable e-pattern at Bandana Heads on Etsy and start making your travel beanie today.

Slouchy beanie, knit pattern
Wool stretches and bounces back to shape. People in colder climates may enjoy the less exaggerated slouch of the wool version of this beanie pattern - wool hugs the head more and insulates in cold and wet weather.

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