Sunday, April 27, 2008

Crochet beanie, unisex V-stitch

Crochet a unisex urban-style beanie for summer. Unisex V-stitch crocheted in soft cotton creates a comfortable beanie for all types of heads and hairstyles. E-pattern available at Bandana Heads

Crochet beanie, sport weight cotton

Crochet beanie, unisex V-stitch for summer

Cotton urban-style beanies are designed for active lifestyles. Whether you do martial arts down the road, take your band on the road, or travel the globe, you'll be glad you packed a lightweight, cotton beanie. Buy the Bandana Heads e-pattern and get your crochet-savvy friend to make you one.

For a feminine touch, the e-pattern includes a variation in fingering-weight yarn with ribbon yarn accents to frame the face.
crochet hat, v-stitch, trim

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Melanie said...

WHO is the man in the black hat with the mustache and the chain and the.... ahem..... and WHERE can I GET one of HIM??? (Heehee.... =P)

Nice pattern BTW.. I have a V stitch pattern of my own I haven't tried yet but Mr. Handsome has inspired me to do so. Maybe I'll get a guy like him to model it for me? heeeheee...

(HEY! In my defense, I JUST read all 3 Fifty shades of grey..) =D